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A Comparison between Air & Sea Temperatures 
At Nuuk in West – Greenland

24 Januar 2009

Extract from: M. Stein (2007)[1]

1) Nuuk air temperature anomalies (Graphic by M. Stein not reproduced here)

  • Very cold conditions were seen during the 1880s to 1910s.
  • Warming began around 1920.
  • Presently Nuuk enjoys warm conditions as during the 1926-30 period.

2. Nuuk sea surface temperatures (see reproduce graphic by M. Stein)

  •  The 1890s appeared as a decade with warm SSTs.

  • The first decade of the new century showed shrinking of the Gyre, and only East Greenland waters were warmer than normal during those times.
  • From 1915 onwards, warming increased.
  • A warm Gyre was seen in the second part of the 1920s.


  • The series do not show an immediate correlation between the big warming at Spitsbergen during winter 1918/19, but a time lag of about two to three years.
  • A partly connection with the sudden changes in the Northern North Atlantic during the late 1910s could be possible. 

[1] M. Stein (2007), Warming Period off Greenland during 1800-2005: Their potential Influence on the Abundance of Cod and Haddock in Greenland Waters; J.Northw.Atl.Fish.Sci.; Vol.39; p. 1-20