The UNFCCC1 does not define ‘climate’ at all, while WMO2 used to define climate as: the average weather over a longer period of time. This website will provide information and ask, does science know what climate is?
1. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; 2.The World Meteorology Organisation

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  B - Climate & Climate change
  Title   Date
  B205a - Should Governments object when IPCC scientists neglect the working conditions of the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)? Can IPCC use its own term: ‘Climate change’, and in different versions?
  September, 19th
  B205b - Is the IPCC (WG I) definition on ‘climate system’ helpful and can WG I explain the used texts meaningful?
  September, 20th
  B205c - IPCC WG I attempt to explain: “What is the relationship between Climate Change and Weather?” Successfully?
  September, 20th
  B210 - Remarks on Climate and Climatologists by F. Kenneth Hare, 1978 & 1984
  August, 30st
  B211 - What is Climate, had been asked when: Climate Science: Roger A. Pielke Sr Research Group Weblog started in July 2005
  September, 10th


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Essays from 1992 to 1997 on CLIMATE
by Dr. Arnd Bernaerts
“Legal Means for Understanding the Marine and climatic Change Issue”,
p.24 presented at the 28th Annual Conf. of the Law of the Sea Institute, Honolulu

“Conditions for the protection of the global climate”,
p.53 presented at GKSS Research Center Geesthacht

Black Sea-Model Case
--Paper, p.53, on
--Conf-Paper, p. 6

Four short texts
1994 Moscow

1994 LOS

1993 LOS

1992 Nature

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